Everything's tender and nothing hurts
Очень очень много интервью. Инджой.

"Hopefully a bit more virile, yeah."

"Michael and I’ve had this vision of young Charles and young Erik meeting each other on the beach in Tel Aviv, both wearing Speedos."

"I was really pleased [First Class] wasn’t 3D, because it makes it cheaper for people to see."

"I’m quite bendy, quite bouncy. I usually land well."

простите за жуткое качество, другого нет
"I’ve realized about myself that I’m just a walking dick joke."

Den of Geek
"Some days you just can’t get rid of the bomb."

"But [Charles] doesn’t believe, and that’s quite sad, actually. So you’ve got to try and find the route to giving him his belief again."

"I’m very tough on my forehead in this film."

качество жуткое
"I was running with BB guns, wearing protective goggles, in 70s outfit, whilst listening to Hugh in your trailer singing songs from Les Mis."

"This is the 70s, man! And you can’t do the 70s without bell bottoms, bad hair, bad facial hair, sweat marks, and weed and things like that."

"I would like to be able to make people horny."

"I let a dog fuck me on camera."

"The question was, do I know that in Korea, some women seem to find me attractive?"

"And I can give you a headache, like, [snaps fingers], that, dude."

"Let’s talk about mind-reading."
"We don’t have to talk."

очень крутое интервью
"I’m glad you got an orgasm watching this movie."

"Charles is the most un-mutant mutant out there."

"Look at those boots, baby!"

"Hey, Robert Downey Jr. Oh, here’s you go, here’s your ass."

"There was a lot of fooling around. I mean, you know, not that kind of fooling around."

Yahoo! Movies
"McAvoy’s talking rubbish! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!"

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